Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Basildon District Be a Disciple to Make a Disciple




  • The Club member should have an average attendance of at least 80% of all activities.
  • All excused absences must be presented in writing from the parent or guardian and submitted to the club director. At least three days before the event. (email, text)
  • Any member having three unexcused absences in any one quarter will be placed on a probationary roster and the parent or guardian will need to attend a meeting to discuss the absence.
  • Attendance at special events will not be permitted for probationary members.


  • Homework will be posted online and revised regularly.
  • Additional work will also be sent home for instance books for reading, charts, and other activities.
  • Please ensure that these are returned on the date stated.
  • Failure to submit homework for three consecutive sessions or within a quarter will require a meeting from parents.  
  • When home work is not returned a form will be sent to the parent and a note placed in the record.
  • Catchup sessions will be arranged throughout the year to enable students to make up for missed sessions or incomplete work. 
  • Outside of these sessions no further opportunities will be given to complete these tasks.  The pathfinder may complete on their own and submit to their counselor.


  • Dress uniform will be worn at club meetings as advised. The details for when uniforms should be worn will be posted on the website.
  • Outdoor uniform is required for all Sunday meetings unless otherwise advised.
  • Scarfs must be worn at all meetings whether or not the full dress or outdoor uniform is required.


  • Dues will be collected once per quarter.
  • £5.00 per child / £8.00 two children / £10 for three. This is to assist in meeting the demands of the budget.
  • Invoices will be provided on a quarterly basis and funds should be returned either by cash or cheque.
  • Funds will be held by the treasurer.