Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Basildon District Be a Disciple to Make a Disciple



Sabbath Bulletins

Date Sermon Tittle     Preacher
18th May 2024 Make Sure To Finish Strong     Sis. Paula Mbano
11th May 2024 True Worship     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
04th May 2024 Be Careful What You Wish For.     Elder Priscah Mangena
27th April 2024 Be The Legacy     Elder Andrew Onek
20th April 2024 Unlimited Possibilities - Possibilty Ministry Day     Elder Lorraine Timmerman
13th April 2024 Stewardship     Elder Marc Sabadin
06th April 2024 God's Way     Bro. Thabani Ndlovu
30th March 2024 The Reason For The Season     Elder Kayode Omojola
23rd March 2024 Lifting Up The Fallen In Our Communities - Youth Week Of Prayer     Elder Junior Jackman
16th March 2024 Does God Love Your City? - Youth Week Of Prayer     Elder Carole Rose
09th March 2024 We Have A New Representative - Communion Service     Pastor Robin Lewis
02nd March 2024 Ignite My Prayer Life - Women's Day Of Prayer     Sis. Grace Mkwanazi
24th February 2024 The Storm - Teens Day     Bro. Howard Katyamba
17th February 2024 Wonderful Words Of Life     Elder Lorraine Thomas
10th February 2024 He Carries Us On His Heart     Pastor Robin Lewis
03rd February 2024 Christian Behaviour     Elder Marc Sabadin
27th January 2024 What Are You Waiting For? - Pathfinder Day     Bro. Ryan Dube
20th January 2024 Who Do You Think You Are?     Elder Priscah Mangena
13th January 2024 Fire, Water And The Good News     Pastor Robin Lewis
06th January 2024 Get Out Of The Village     Elder Tyronne Waldron
30th December 2023 Before You Lose It     Elder Junior Jackman
23rd December 2023 Mission Accomplished     Elder Lorraine Timmerman
16th December 2023 Somewhere In The Middle - Youth Day      Sis. Taiana Usayi, Bro. Howard Katyamba & Sis. Sane Nhliziyo
02nd December 2023 The Lord's Supper - Communion Service     Elder Marc Sabadin
25th November 2023 See Good - The Power Of Positive Thinking - Stewardship Day.     Sis. Roda Williams
18th November 2023 Worthless, Yet Priceless - Week Of Revival.     Pastor Clayton Maurede
11th November 2023 The Witness Of The Apostle Paul - Week Of Prayer     Pastor Robin Lewis
04th November 2023 Abraham As A Witness - Leading By Example - Week Of Prayer     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
28th October 2023 In The Army Of The Lord - Children's Day     Ntokozo Ndlovu, Layla Dodkin & Tevin Usayi
21st October 2023 Love Thy Neighbour - Deaconate Day     Elder John Matthieu
14th October 2023 What More Shall I Want?     Elder Junior Jackman
30th September 2023 God's Dwelling Place Is With His People     Pastor Robin Lewis
23rd September 2023 What Goes Around, Comes Around - Publishing Ministry Day     Pastor Calvin Mazengwe
16th September 2023 Jesus Is Coming Again - Men's Day     Bro. Thabani Ndlovu
09th September 2023 If At First You Don't Succeed...Try Again - Youth Day 2     Elder Junior Jackman
02nd September 2023 The Passover And Communion Service - Communion Service     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
26th August 2023 My Brother's Keeper     Elder Lorraine Timmerman
19th August 2023 Growing In Christ - Sabbath School Day     Bro. Thabani Ndlovu
12th August 2023 Meditation - Contemplating Jesus     Pastor Robin Lewis
05th August 2023 Christ's Ministry In The Heavenly Sanctuary     Elder Marc Sabadin
29th July 2023 God Of econd Chances     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
22nd July 2023 Nuture Your Garden - Family Life Day     Elder Priscah Mangena
15th Jult 2023 Unlock That Door - Friendship Sabbath     Sis. Paulah Mbano
08th July 2023 Lord, Let Me Praise Your Name     Elder Claudius Redwood-Sawyer
01st July 2023 Can I Help You?     Elder Junior Jackman
17th June 2023 A Thread In A Tapestry - Youth Day     Fariri Managazira
10th June 2023 Saved Three Times Over     Pastor Robin Lewis
03rd June 2023 The Good Stewards     Sis. Roda Williams
27th May 2023 Growing In Christ     Elder Marc Sabadin
20th May 2023 Possibilities Ministry      Elder Lorraine Timmerman
13th May 2023 Touch And FeelThe Source Of Life     Pastor Robin Lewis
06th May 2023 What Are You Feeding Your Heart? - Family Ministry Day     Elder Priscah Mangena
29th April 2023 It Won't Be Long     Elder Junior Jackman
22nd April 2023 The Diagnosis     Elder Ike Nxumalo
15th April 2023 Praying In Babylon     Sis. Salisha Jackman
08th April 2023 Door Of Hope     Pastor John Melki
01st April 2023 The Holy Spirit     Elder Marc Sabadin
25th March 2023 To Love Is To Wait     Sis. Sane Nhliziyo
18th March 2023 To Love Is A Sacrifice     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
11th March 2023 The Great Miracle - To Be Touched By God's Grace - Communion Service     Pastor Robin Lewis
04th  March 2023 Transformed By Prayer - Women's Ministry Day     Sis. Grace Mkwanazi
25th February 2023 Unabbaitable Cliff Edge- Personal Ministry     Elder Kotikeni Charles
18th February 2023 The Aftermath     Elder Priscah Mangena
11th February 2023 A Fragrant Smell To The Lord     Pastor Robin Lewis
04th February 2023 When love Becomes The Enemy     Elder Tyronne Waldron
28th January 2023 Do Justice     Elder Junior Jackman
21st January 2023 A Disciple Making Disciples     Elder Emeka Oluikpe
14th January 2023 Does Your Song Move Them To Action?     Pastor Robin Lewis
31st December 2022 So, Ought We To Pray     Siks. Lorraine Timmerman
17th December 2022 Time To Live Your Best Life     Elder Junior Jackman
10th December 2022 Are We There Yet? - Communion Service     Pastor Robin Lewis
03rd December 2022 Sin Is Expensive     Elder Irvine Lauder
26th November 2022 Don't Run, Go Change The World - Pathfinder Day     A C Alberto Francis
19th November 2022 Power In The Blood     Elder Fazel Muhammad
12th November 2022 The Evidence Of True Discipleship     Pastor Robin Lewis
05th November 2022 I Will Go Make Disciples - Week Of Prayer     Elder Marc Sabadin
29th October 2022 Praise Is Possible     Elder Joyce Swamy
22nd October 2022 God's Remnant Family - Family Ministry Day     Elder Elizabeth Thomas
15th October 2022 These Are The Days     Pastor C Mauredhe
08th October 2022 God's Gifts - Stewardship Day     Pastor Todd Frias
01st October2022 Hold The Line     Elder Junior Jackman
24th September, 2022 Hope In A Crisis     Elder Clements Johnstone
17th September, 20200 In Your Language     Pastor Paul King Brown