Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Basildon District Dare to be a Witness



Please find copies of our Sabbath bulletins below.  You can click on the Sermon Title to download a copy.
  Date    Sermon Title Preacher
  22nd June 2019   Loneliness - Health Ministries Sis. Grace Mkwanazi
  29th June 2019   For The Sake Of Unity - Communion Service Pr. John Melki
  06th July 2019   Home At Last - Church At Park Elder Junior Jackman
  14th December 2019   Are We There Yet?  Elder Emeka Oluikpe
  21st December 2019   Give Them Something To Talk About Elder Junior Jackman
  28th December 2019   Better Is The End Of A Thing Than The Beginning Thereof Elder John Mvula
  04th January 2020   Witnesses For Christ Elder Emeka Oluikpe
  11th January 2020   Dare To Be Different Pr. John Melki
  18th January 2020   Overcoming Depression And Anxiety Elder John Mvula
  25th January 2020   Declutter The Clutter - Prayer Ministry Sis. Salisha Jackman
  01st February 2020   Kept Elder Junior Jackman
  08th February 2020   Power Of Breaking The Bread Ps. John Melki
  15th February 2020   The Woman At The Well - Personal Ministry Day Sisi. Roda Williams
  22nd February 2020   When Jesus Asks A Dumb Question Elder Christopher Khuoge
  07th March 2020   Virtuous Living In An Unvirtuous World - Women's Ministry Day Sis. Priscah Mangena
  14th March 2020   Half Death Can't Be Buried Ps. John Melki
  2nd October 2021   Rejoice In The Lord Elder Emeka Oluikpe
  23rd October   Seeing The Destination Before Departure Ps. John Melki
  30th October 2021   Where Is Your Heart - Sabbath School Day Ps. Fergus Owusu-Boateng
  6th November 20201   Speaking your Destiny Ps. John Melki
  13th November 2021   God Will Make A Way - Children's Day Tsepo Mkwanazi
Eva Moyo
Kelvin Kunjukunju
  20th November 2021   Laodecean Church-Love Letter From Jesus - Music Day Elder Irvine Lauder
  27th November 2021   Looking Beneath The Surface - Women's Ministry Elder Jacqueline Otokpa
  04th December 2021   Contentement; The Learned Virtue Elder Marc Sabadin
  11th December 2021   Mediating Ministry - Communion Service Pastor John Melki
  18th December 2021   Obedience Starts With Humility Bro. Kango Kambafwile
  25th December 2021   We've Prayed...Now What? Sis. Salisha Jackman
  1st January 2022   Look, the Bridegroom Is Coming Elder Christopher Khuoge
  8th January 2022   Just Jesus And Me Pastor John Melki
  15th January 2022   One More Year Dr. Kirk Graham