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Parents Information

Parent / Guardian Information for VBS 2017 October 23rd to October 26th (Daily from 9.30am - 3pm)


Please ensure that you pick up and drop kids off at the agreed times 9.30am - 3:00pm.  Outside of this there is the facility for parents who are working, this is by arrangement only please therefore speak with the team at registration to ensure that the times are agreed and that we can support you and your kids to have a great time.  Younger kids may find a very long day difficult if they are not use to playschool so please consider this. If possible ensure that they have a sibling or friend of the family attending with them. 


The kids will be provided with refreshments ( smoothies, biscuits, popcorn fruit etc)  and drink  (juice and water) throughout the week, however we kindly ask that you send your kids with a packed lunch to accompany the snacks they will receive throughout he day. During the week we will be encouraging the kids to make healthy choices so please consider this when packing their lunch boxes.

Clothing and Footwear:

The weather will not stop us from having a great time  so please ensure that your kids are safe and well by dressing them appropriately throughout the event.  For younger kids you may consider packing extra clothing.

Hats and sun cream if its sunny.

Waterproof jackets / rain macs.

Trainers or shoes with grips. 

Please ensure that the kids clothing and other personal belongings is labelled.

Wellies (these can be placed in a named carrier bag and left at the hall for the week)


The kids will be very busy throughout the day as the move around to their various stations which will include (story time, games, crafts and labs / health & experiments).  Please do not send your children with tablets, games and other items as we cannot be held accountable for loss or damage to any of these items.
The timetable will be posted on this website and you will be given a hard copy will be made available to parents / guardians on the fiirst day of the club.


As there is limited space for outdoor activity at the venue the children will either walk or be transported to local parks accompanied by Games Leader and Team leaders. 

First Aid / Medication:

We will have trained nurses / first aiders throughout the event. However please ensure that you complete the medical / allergy information on the registration form.  If your child requires medication whilst on site (i.e inhalers, epipens, piriton etc) you will be required to complete the medical administration slip when you register on the first day your child / children attend. 

Acts of Kindness:

We will be encouraging kids to give to the community , to teach them the value of kindness and as young as they are letting them know that they can make a difference. 

We are kindly requesting that  throughout the week you provide your chid/ children with items that can be donated to the foodbank. A list will be provided at registration of items that are suitable.Please start thinking about this in your weekly shop. We want to encourage the kids to give daily so that they can see the hamper growing so please do not send all items in at once. 

Graduation and Book Day

October 26th from 1pm - 3pm will be our Graduation activities. The graduation will close  off a FANTASTIC week. The kids will receive certificates of participation , awards and prizes.  The children will be showing off all their craft in an awesome display and share with their parents and friends what they have learnt during the week. 

Please book October 26th 1pm - 3pm in your diary, you do not want to miss this!!!!!!!!!!!