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Personal ministries

CONTACT: Paula Mbano

Church Theme: Be a Disciple to Make a Disciple

This is the core ministry of our church with a responsibility to nurture every child of God in developing a deeper, active relationship with Jesus and to equip every member for witnessing and evangelism.

Every Christian has the responsibility to share their faith by actively witnessing in every way possible. This ministry is therefore focused on training members for soul winning and providing the necessary resources and strategies to achieve this goal.

Our theme for 2017 is “Total Member Involvement” – this is geared towards getting every member of the church actively involved in reaching out to friends, neighbours and relatives who may be searching for ways of salvation and do not know where to turn.

One of the most effective methods of witnessing is through the printed media (books) where individuals could read and get knowledge on a particular subject.

This year, our church will be focusing of two books – “Your Bible and You” by Arthur S Maxwell and “Creation Health” by Ph. D Des Cummings and M.D Monica P Reed.

CREATION Health is a faith-based health and wellness program based on the Bible’s Creation story. It focuses on 8 principles to live a healthier and happier life. Learn more at their website:   

We will be reading these books together as a church group and sharing the with our friends, neighbours and relatives.

Please share in the reading with us through the links below.

2. ADRA-UK (Adventist Development and Relief Agency – UK) is a part of the personal ministry of the church. Every year, our church members all over the country engage in a door-to-door collection of donations from willing members of the public; the donations are passed on to ADRA-UK who uses it.

ADRA-UK improves the lives of people throughout the world. They search out and work to eliminate deprivation, social injustice, and help those in need.

They also work to create lasting solutions — empowering people to reach their potential. Please get more information and donate from their website -