Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Basildon District Be a Disciple to Make a Disciple



This homework page is for club member with ID HH031

This homework page is to help both parents and pathfinder to keep up with the homework schedule.

Failure to complete homework in a satisfactory manner could mean exemption from club actvities and/or NOT getting invested.

Note:  All scriptures which are to be memorised must be kept fresh in your heads throughout the year.  You will be asked to recite them randomly at any given time throughout the year

No.     Date                Description                                  Due Date          Date Completed Status      
003 11/04/2015 Interview family members and find out  about family traditions
002 11/04/2015 Record on recorders or make notes of interviews on paper
001 11/04/2015 Complete Page 29 of Workbook