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Basildon Church Bulletin
1 March 2013
Worship with us every Sabbath @ 9.30am
Gordon Hall
Clay Hill Road
SS16 5DF
Pastor John Melki


  Platform Party Enters
Announcements: Sis Marlene Skerritt
Call To Worship:   Eld Tyronne Waldron
Introit:   "Father We Love You"
Invocation:   Pr John Melki
Doxology:   #694 "Praise God from whom all blessings flow"
Welcome/Intro:   Eld Tyronne Waldron
Opening Hymn:   # 195 "Showers of blessing"
Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 53: 4,5
Children's Story:   Bro Junior Jackman (during foot washing)
Tithes & Offerings:   Bro Tinashe Motiwa
Garden of Prayer:  Sis Priscah Mangena
Prayer Response:   Hymn # 684 "Hear our Prayer O Lord"
Praise & Worship:   Praise team
Special Item:   
Sermon:  Pr Melki "The Greatest Physician"
Hymn of Separation:   #337/338 "Redeemed how I love to proclaim it"
Welcome:   Pr John Melki
Opening Hymn:   #412 "Cover with his life"
Invitation to the table: 

 Eld Tyronne Waldron

Scripture Reading and Prayer:   Eld Emeka Oluikpe - 1 Cor 11:23-24
   Communion Bread Served
Scripture Reading and Prayer:   Eld Owen Skerritt - 1 Cor 11:25-26
   Communion Wine Served
 Testimonies:  Eld Tyronne Waldron
Closing Hymn:   # 254 "The great physician now is here"
Benediction:  Pr. Melki
Postlude:   "Let there be love shared among us"