Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Basildon District Total Member Involvement



Please fin copies of our Sabbath bulletins below.  You can click on the Sermon Title to download a copy.
Date  Sermon Title Preacher
21st Feb. 2015              The King Who Suffered No Loss          Pr. John Melki     
28th Feb. 2015 Resist The Devil... Eld. Carole Rose
07th Mar. 2015 It Is Well Sis. Roda Williams
14th Mar. 2015 You Are Very Precious Pr. John Melki
21st Mar. 2015 Don't be shaken Bro. Jefferson Matthew
28th Mar. 2015 Communion - The Joy of Forgiveness  Pr. John Melki
04th Apr. 2015 Judgement At God's House Bro. Alvin McQuin
11th Apr. 2015 Hypocrites In Church Eld. Emeka Oluikpe
18th Apr. 2015 Community Event - Health Screening Sis. Salisha Jackman
25th Apr. 2015 Time To Be Rational Pr. John Melki
02nd May 2015 Faith Sis. Joy Lukwago
09th May 2015 Lift High His Royal Banner Pr. John Melki
16th May 2015 Growing in Grace - Children's day Nathan/Junicia/Tana
23rd May 2015 SEC Area 8 Day of Fellowsip Pr. Eddie Hypolite
30th May 2015 Communion - What for? Eld. Emeka Oluikpe
06th Jun 2015 What Are You Seeing Pr. Namushi Namuchana
20th Jun 2015 A Calll For Duty Eld. Emeka Oluikpe
04th Jul 2015 Baptism - What For? Eld. Emeka Oluikpe
11th Jul 2015
The Power of Music Eld. Owen Skerritt
30th Apr 2016 Dare To Ask For More Sis. Grace Mkwanazi
07th May 2016 The Church That Controls Heaven Pr. John Melki
12th May 2016 Walk On By Pr. Sam Davies
28th May 2016 Christ's Standard Pr. John Melki
04th June 2016 Faith and Acceptance Pr. Trevor Thomas
11th June 2016 True Worship Elder Emeka Oluikpe
18th June 2016 My Daddy Ashlin, Faith & Rebecca
25th June 2016 Let's Celebrate Passover Pr. John Melki
02nd July 2016 Don't Get Off Bro. Raymond Ingelton
09th July 2016 The Enemy Attacks Dr. Leonard Bowora
16th July 2016 A Treasured Vessel Elder Emeka Oluikpe
23rd July 2016 Intention Of Satan Pr. John Melki
30th July 2016 Availabilties At The Time Of Impossibilities Pr. John Melki
06th August 2016 It's About Time Elder Emeka Oluikpe
13th August 2016 Two Demon Possessed Men Pr. Trevor Thomas
20th August 2016 The Power Of Your Testimony Pr. John Melki
27th August 2016 Called To Serve Pr. Terry Messenger
03rd September 2016 Undesirable Beauty Pr. John Melki
17th September 2016 He Who Has Seen Me Has Seen The Father Dr. Keith Davidson
24th September 2016 Discipleship: Let's Go Fishing
Pr. Sydney Almeida
01st October 2016 Standing For Eternity Elder Cecil Gordon
08th October 2016 Tested Faith Pr. John Melki
15th October 2016 Law Of God - Librating Love Bro. Kwaku Peprah
22nd October 2016 Could There Be Anything Wrong With Me As Well? Elder Moses Ssebuliba
29th October 2016 The Saviour Who Became a servant Pr. John Melki
05th November 2016 To God Be The Glory Bro. Michael Williams
12th November 2016 Mission Accomplished Elder Marc Sabadin
19th November 2016 Ready, Steady, GO! Gema/Eva/Nathan
26th November 2016 Are You Thirsty For The Living Water? Sis. Grace Mkwanazi
03rd December 2016 Stand Up! Stand Out!! Sis. Sirbrina Ramharack
10th December 2016 Church Without Walls Bro. Tak Hataka
17th December 2016 All Praises To God Bro. Kwaku Peprah
24th December 2016 Another Chance... Elder Emeka Oluikpe
31st December 2016 Our Defender Pr. John Melki
07th January 2017 Put Your Whole Self In Elder Emeka Oluikpe
14th January 2017 Total Member Involvement (TMI) Pr. John Melki
21st January 2017 Sending 70 Into The Community Elder Marc Sabadin
28th January 2017 Repent/Repentance Elder Irvine A Lauder
04th February 2017 Embracing The Embarrassed Pr. John Melki
11th February 2017 Building For Eternity: Growing Disciples Sis. Salisha Jackman
18th February 2017 My Attitude Elder James Payne
25th February 2017 The Name I Never Forget Pr. John Melki
04th March 2017 The Man In The Mirror - Men's Ministry Bro. Junior Jackman
11th March 2017 Blessed Is The Sabbath Keeper Bro. Jefferson Mathews
18th March 2017 It's No Longer I Pr. John Melki
25th March 2017 Woman! Dare To Make A Difference Sis. Abiola Oluikpe
01st April 2017 For Such A Time As This Eld. Claudius Munangati
08th April 2017 Unused Voice Pr. John Melki
15th April 2017 A Shelter In The Time Of Storm Elder Robert Timmerman
22nd April 2017 Our Marching Orders Elder Emeka Oluikpe
29th April 2017 Spiritual Communication Elder Irvine A Lauder
06th May 2017 I love My Daddy & My Daddy Loves Me - Youth Day Elder Clarence Jackson
13th May 2017 The Betrayer Who Saved The Kingdom  Pr. John Melki
20th May 2017 Give Me My Sabbath Pr. Denias Chihwai
27th May 2017 Sweet Poison Elder Robert Timmerman
03th June 2017 Humility In Action - Communion Pr. John Melki
10th June 2017 My Maker, My King - Children's day Rephael/Faith/Ashlin
17th June 2017 Gifted To Serve - Women's Day Sis. Priscah Mangena
24th June 2017 What Is Your Business? Elder Emeka Oluikpe
08th July 2017 Trust Elder Claudius Redwood-Sawyer
15th July 2017 Serving God With Our; Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit - Health Expo Elder Robert Timmerman
22nd July 2017 What Is That In Your Hand? Pr. Kunjukunju Poulose
29th July 2017 Trading Your Life Elder Joy Swamy
05th August 2017 Prayer That Unites People Pr. John Melki
12th August 2017 The Power Of Your Tithe - Stewardship 1 Pr. John Melki
19th August 2017 Principles Of Stewardship Sis. Roda Williams
26th August 2017 A Wicked & Adulterous Nation Ask For A Sign Pr. Robin Lewis
02nd September 2017 A Weapon For Hard Times Sis. Shirley Grant
09th September 2017 Can God Speak To Modern Man? Bro. Jefferson Matthews
16th September 2017 Temperance And Balance  Elder Robert Timmerman
23rd September 2017 Who Do You Think Your God Is? - Communion Pr. John Melki
30th September 2017 Give Thanks - Children's Day Ryan Dube & Lendaba Mangena
07th October 2017 Hope Bro. Tendai Motiwa
14th October 2017 Seeing Christ In Your Community Pr. John Melki
21st October 2017 Bent, Twusted and Broken Bro. John Matthieu
28th October 2017 The days Of Noah Elder Irvine A Lauder
04th November 2017 God's Word, Our Faith Foundation - Week Of Prayer Elder Marc Sabadin
11th November 2017 By Grace Alone - Week of Prayer Pr. John Melki
18th November 2017 Bound To Love Sis. Salisha Jackman
25th November 2017 Brokenness Dr, A H Kisku
02nd December 2017 Come For Union - Communion Pr. John Melki
09th December 2018 If, Then, what? Elder Michael Williams
16th December 2017 Build Me A Sanctuary - Children's Day Children
23rd December 2017 Ebenezer Elder Emeka Oluikpe
30th December 2017 Guard Your Family "ASAP" Pr. John Melki
06th January 2018 Making Jesus Known Elder Emeka Oluikpe
13th January 2018 Will Ye Also Go Away? Elder Robert Timmerman
20th January 2018 Living Water For A Thirsty Woman Elder Marc Sabadin